If you’re on a Mac, you might be using Cyberduck or FileZilla for your FTP and SSH needs, among other things. Some folks who are more technical than I am are better at navigating their virtual instances in terminal, but I often like to see the file structure in a more visual way. A lot of times, I need to edit hidden files, like configs, .htaccess, or other system files. It’s pretty easy to view hidden files in Cyberduck. You’ll be ashamed you even Googled this answer.

view hidden files in cyberduck

To View Hidden Files in Cyberduck, click View -> Show Hidden Files. See the screenshot below:

As seen in the image, this can also be accomplished through the keyboard shortcut Shift+Cmd+R. That will allow you to quickly toggle hidden files on and off in your view.

That’s it. That’s the solution. If you don’t have Cyberduck, but would like a good free Open Source FTP client, download Cyberduck here.

How To View Hidden Files In Cyberduck

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