I’m a web analyst first and a blogger, well, last (after a lot of other things). But, my web analytics background is important to my blogging. With a background in SEO and analytics, I’m always thinking about findability. I’m also a bit desensitized to the “guru” culture. I’m not interested in reading blogs from every other self proclaimed “SEO ninja” or “Affiliate Marketing sensei”. That’s why I’m writing this post: here are 5 blogs I actually read.

That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of incredibly helpful bloggers out there that can help you with your affiliate marketing strategy. There are. In fact, there are (perhaps) too many.

The folks featured here aren’t just “influencers”. The following blogs are managed (and mostly written) by true industry professionals– knowledgeable creators and marketers that have had a lasting impact on the industry. These folks aren’t just “flash in the pan” Pinterest bloggers. Many of them run their own agencies or consultancies, speak at major conferences, and pioneer the big developments in digital marketing, analytics, and e-commerce. The rest of us (yes, me included) are just playing catch up to these folks.

Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava is, perhaps, the most influential person in the world when it comes to Google Tag Manager and, as a result, Google Analytics, cookie management, web analytics. Simo’s blog is the first place I go when I’m looking for a new way to implement something on my websites. Simo himself is very involved in the web analytics community, leading Slack channels and speaking at marketing conferences.

If you manage your own blog and want to experience the most thorough Tag Management tutorials, follow Simo. His walk throughs are easy to follow, so even if you don’t consider yourself the most technical of affiliate marketers, you can still follow along with his easy guides.

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Aleyda Solis

I probably first found Aleyda Solis through Twitter interactions she’s has with Simo Ahava. They run in the same circles, but have slightly different focus disciplines. Aleyda Solis is an international SEO phenom. She thinks about SEO in multiple languages and her consultation is in popular demand.

If you want to up your Affiliate Marketing game, for real, then start thinking through real SEO strategies with the help of a true professional. Aleyda Solis’ blog is invaluable to my professional life (full time work and side hustles).

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Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik is another invaluable resource to me when it comes to Web Analytics. Avinash is my inspiration for keeping business goals at top of mind, always. Web Analytics is a crucial discipline to any successful e-commerce or affiliate marketing blog, but if you lose sight of your website’s goals, then the analytics can become muddy and unhelpful.

This isn’t just a technical Web Analytics blog. I follow Avinah Kaushik for his business knowledge and ability to keeps things relevant to growing towards your goals. Even if you aren’t experienced with Web Analytics, Avinash will help you think about your digital marketing strategy in new and specific ways.

He’s written two books that I keep by my desk, and his blog is always a treat to read and discuss.

Occam’s Razor Blog
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Neil Patel

Often referred to as one of the top digital marketing professionals out there, Neil Patel is digital advertising consultant for all things SEO, PPC, E-Commerce, Facebook Advertising, and blogging (just to name a few). If my website were a quarter as successful as his, I’d be a happy [affiliate] camper.

Neil offers one of the most robust digital marketing blogs on the web, chock full of reviews, trainings, guides, tips, and tricks. He even hosts podcasts and videos that I’d highly recommend any aspiring (or experienced) bloggers, affiliate marketers, or web advertisers to engage with.

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Digital Marketing and Affiliate Bloggers

These are just four professional, industry respected “influencers” in the digital marketing world that are essential to my growth as an SEO, web analyst, and affiliate marketer. There are dozens of others worth following too, of course. Wil Reynolds, Areej AbuAli, Rand Fishkin, and Dave Sottimano are a few others I find very helpful in my day-to-day.

What are some of your favorite blogs that help inspire, educate, and improve your Affiliate Marketing or Blog experience?

Ready To Start Your First Blog?

If you want to start your first blog, you can follow my own personal process. It’s not even a paid e-course, just a free blog you can read to help you start an affiliate marketing website for less than $20.

4 Digital Marketing Blogs I Actually Read

Win Pratt

Win Pratt is a full time data analyst and data engineer, focused primarily on Web Analytics.